e martë, 24 korrik 2007

One Day Optional Anniversary Tour

Do you really want to experience Maine? Then come with me to our 'camp'. Almost everyone in downeast Maine has a camp. A camp is a cabin, cottage, whatever you want to call it, in the woods, on a lake, used for fishing, hunting,4-wheeling, water sports, etc. Most have no indoor plumbing or electricity - yes, you will really have to rough it! But if you are an outdoors person - you may love this part of the tour.

Our camp is in Aurora Maine, about an hour from our house. It's on a lake called Upper Middle Branch Lake. To get there you have to drive on some pretty rough dirt roads, a 4 wheel drive truck is your best bet.
It started out as a cute, tiny, little camp - one bedroom, & a kitchen/living room.

Then we decided we needed an addition - maybe a porch and another bedroom. So now, it has turned into this: Front of camp with addition in back. Two more bedrooms, a porch, perfect for knitting and reading, and a loft that will easily sleep 8 people.

Back of camp:
And the lake.

We'll spend the day knitting, chatting, eating all those delicious dishes you will be bringing with you, and exchanging knitterly presents with each other! Then we'll head to our next virtual anniversary tour...wonder where that will be??